I grew up on a small farm in eastern Canada. Farm life taught us responsibilities and honesty and the meaning of work. We attended a one-room school and the teachers were from our neighborhood. I quit high school to work in factories but did night school for my GED. My reading led to my desire to write. I spent four years in the RCAF and worked in forestry, fishing, construction, and finally as an operating engineer in various places. This gave me the travel bug.

    My old trade as a radar technician helped me to learn refrigeration and steam production. A variety of technical skills came along as a result. Boring shift work gave me time to compose some novels. If you read a lot, you’re going to gravitate toward creative writing. Visiting a lot of places and meeting a lot of people gave me ideas. Ideas became essays and stories. I do a lot of amateur photography, and love experimenting in 3D pictures.

    I’ve been to England, Ireland, India, Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii and mainland USA, and all of Canada except the Arctic. I want to get a dog and visit the Yukon. Call of the wild, I guess. I want to vacation in a condo on Mars. Call of the future, no doubt. I love gardening and the outdoors. I love the Bible. I have a son and a daughter and four grandchildren. In retirement, I have more time for travel and writing. I live with my wife Molly in central southeast Alberta. Canada is the greatest.

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