Canada: A Great Country?

    an essay by Joe Boudreault 

   For several years in a row, recently, the United Nations has proclaimed Canada to be the best country in the world. One has to wonder where the conclusion for this was drawn from. Canada has in fact been steadily sliding down off the dung-heap of world opinion into the cesspool of atheism, and it shows no signs of stopping or reversing the trend. Our national fabric was not helped any by 13 or more years of Liberal leadership which has plunged a once fine nation into ultimate moral decay. Civilization is declining and disappearing everywhere in the world and Canada is helping to lead the way.

You only have to look at the due processes in the institutions of the government to see what is happening to us. When fundamental changes are put forward by the federal policymakers, the judicial branches, and the educational system, the entire make-up of the country is affected for better or for worse. In this case, it is for worse. The federal government, in its insistent desire to not offend any minorities, has been pushing ‘political correctness’ in every direction, making it illegal to express moral thought and ‘unacceptable’ to denounce degrading beliefs and behaviors on behalf of others. A key portion of law-making that these amoral officials have going in their favor is the alleged Charter of Rights and Freedoms, possibly one of the most perverse and morality-robbing pieces of legislation ever passed here or anywhere else. It is in fact not a charter for rights but a charter for wrongs. It wipes out the ability of moral citizens to do the tried-and-proved right things and allows for minorities to practice their immoral lifestyles unhindered. By catering to the minority, the whole package of authority that used to make up a decent lifestyle in Canada has been sidelined in our society. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be scrapped; it has overruled the people’s parliament for too long, adding continually to Canada’s decay. The Charter alleges to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of religion, yet it removes the Christian’s right to express the morals of Christianity which were instrumental in building this nation. This crooked Charter has correctly been nicknamed the Charter of Wrongs.

Behind morality, at least until a couple of generations ago, lay the solid Biblical principles accepted by practically all peoples in Canada. Behind the current trend of government-forced views is the ungodly theory of evolution. One system deals with a supreme God, the other deals without any god. Therefore, one explains and offers the basis for all moral behavior; the other negates the very notion of morality and makes everything relative to the given moment. Yesterday’s crime becomes today’s accepted opinion and practice. It is important to remember that without a supreme God, the natural law and inclination of humans toward good or evil cannot be explained. Without this explanation, anything goes.

Basically, Canadians are getting what they deserve in immoral governance. Having elected first a self-serving Conservative party under Mulroney, then a glittering tower of atheism as given by both Chretien and Martin, the population had cried out for a leadership that would make it more and more difficult for a voice of moral fairness and conscience to be heard. It would not have mattered whether one religion or another was controlling things, so long as a monotheistic standard was there to influence the social agendas. The basic Law of nature (or Natural Law) that molds and forms us is inherent in all of them. But we have come under the control of secularism, which is by and large communistic and atheistic. Religion and atheism do not mix. One is faithful while the other is faithless. Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, Sikh all have tended to find some central ground; atheism promised to eliminate them all in favor of the godless creed.

Most of the great pillars of our society are eroding and collapsing. If you haven’t noticed this, you are already happily married to the secular camp. The majority of Canadians do recognize this downward trend but are being forced into silence or obedience. Majority opinion used to matter. Not anymore. While espousing the Christian way, too many people are allowing themselves to be overruled for the good of society by those faithless minions who make the rules. This is in part a fault of the citizen, who allows it, and in part the government, which has acquired what amounts to dictatorial powers in making the laws of the land. The confederation-style of our government is ready-made for abuse of power from above. While a real democracy is a system for governing only with the permission of the masses, our Canadian political system is warped and slanted enough to be strictly in favor of a ruing elite. Don’t expect the elite to change this system soon.

The first great fault of the Canadian political system is the use of political parties. While it may look like a sensible system on the surface, it relegates any real power to the favored few within the party and not to the electorate. Then the party must compete with other similar parties. And those parties must cater to the governing cabinet and the prime minister. If a majority of constituents ask for favorable legislation (new laws etc) they must convince their representative, who must convince his/her party, which must convince the other parties, who must convince the prime minister and his caucus, which must hope for Senate approval. This is not representative government but it is the way it has always been in Canada since day one. The argument against a non-party system is that nothing would get done if every member were independent. But this is more than just a lazy excuse; it is in fact an outright lie. Heaven forbid the government that might actually have to represent the actual beliefs and desires of the people; they would be unable to represent their own desires.

The second great fault is the fact that major laws and policies are never voted on by the public, and that the Senate (a ‘house of second sober thought’) is not elected with one member for each parliamentary district. In other countries such as Australia the big issues are on the public ballot. In republics like the USA, the Senate is voted in by the electorate. Once again, the Canadian system guarantees power to the elite and erodes the voice of the People.

A third great fault is that there is no control set on elections. They are called at the whim of the prime minister. This represents a slap in the face to the electorate and an evasion of the government’s responsibility to the elected mandate. Add to this neglect the fact that our government cannot be impeached for misbehavior or refusal to obey the laws or the constitution, and you have governmental immunity of the ruling party from the public which has elected it. It matters not that a government can be brought down by a Parliamentary vote of non-confidence; this does not represent impeachment of a corrupt government, and it is only set in motion by the self-interests of other parties, never by the public outcry against bad government. All of this adds up to elitist rule by a prime minister and those favored few in cabinet. We need not hold our collective breath in expectations of amendments of the Election Act.

As for those public inquiries, when have they ever mattered? Royal Commissions have simply buttered the plates of the well-connected. There is too much money under the table to hope for fixes above the table. Senators have lost all their sobriety generations ago. You have to wonder that, during the reign of Queen Victoria, much of what passes for behavior in Canada today would have been outlawed in her age, yet we hypocritically celebrate her birthday as a national holiday. She would not be amused to see how we fare.

The biggest expense account the governments of the day have is medical care. I have worked many years in the hospital systems of this nation and I have seen the waste, the neglect, the blindness and the petty bureaucracy involved. Among the good work being done there is a universe of redundancies. Modern hospitals are turning into office buildings. Not only has the quality of health care declined but the education of the public in good health habits is rapidly being replaced by that humanistic and secular approach to eating, drinking, exercising, treatment and alternate lifestyles. Drug abuse and obesity is on the rise, natural nutrition is a lost cause, and the protectionism and political posturing of professional organizations is preventing any real change. The influx of talents through the immigration system does not fill the gap, and that’s another blow to democracy and decency in this country. Canada likes to brag about the superior, universal, and comprehensive heal care it gives its citizens. But there are a lot of unanswered questions. Our celebrated health care is not universal because it does not completely cover landed immigrants or aboriginal natives, does not provide necessary free drugs and medications, and does not guarantee a personal physician. It is not comprehensive because it does not cover important medical items such as dental or eye care (since when did the teeth and eyes cease to be a part of the human body?). In many jurisdictions, even proven practices like acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic procedures are not covered. Our health care system is not superior to other countries; even Cuba and Russia continue to demonstrate far greater service to their citizens in many areas of health care, and theirs is universal. If communist regimes can do this, why can’t our celebrated democracy also hit this level?

Instead of correcting this sickness within the system, the Canadian rulers add to the malaise. They proclaim gambling to be an illness and yet maintain it and tax it through lotteries and casinos. The legal sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco helps to sustain a government-sponsored drug-abuse policy, again with high taxes. “Hands in the pocket, hands in the pocket” cries the popular ditty. Such incompetence extends to the educational system. Our schools, colleges and universities are ineffective in meeting the marketplace demands. And the cost of even this poor education is rising every year. An observer from outside the country cannot help but ask the question: in a nation that is recognized as one of the eight richest, where is universal education? For the most part only the ruling elite can afford the real education needed. It is a shame on this country that free education at all levels isn’t provided by the state. The same goes for health care.

Aside from these secular pursuits, which are headed for the collective gutter, the moral issues of Canada are lamentable indeed. From centuries of social stabilities and generations of good values, we are teetering on the brink of disaster when we neglect the important elements of our families and the cry of our conscience. The family is the base unit of society and of the nation. Yet we are redefining it as something other than the God-given natural order of that which proceeds from a union of one man and one woman. Same-sex marriages or homosexual lifestyles do not cut the mustard. They are considered an abomination even in the eyes of those who don’t worship a supreme God. Marriage is sacred, or at least it once was. There is nothing common about common law except for its increased proliferation. Hedonism and relativism give these serious institutions a casualness that can only bring on a kind of social anarchy that will destroy what morals remain. And our Canadian society is diligently killing the very young and the old and feeble with abortion and euthanasia. The prime argument in the pro-abortion camp, that a woman has the right “to do as she wishes with the integrity of her own body, both physically and emotionally” is one of the great lies of the past century. Since when has a fetus been “a part of her body” rather than an individual in its own right? Abortion is murder, plain and simple, and now it is state sanctioned on a massive scale. All these things, including same-sex marriage (what an oxymoron!) are done in the name of political correctness, which is a devilish way of condoning modern convenience over the classic responsibilities of the ages. When lifestyles spring forth from these viewpoints, civilizations inevitably fall, because the basis for civilization is the family unit. And the family unit does not include men marrying men, women marrying women, and both of them killing babies.

Treatment of both our aboriginal populations and of our immigrants over the last century or so have been mostly dismal. It should be remembered that the aboriginal nations (and they were/are nations) formed the first immigrants to this land. Canada has not always been honorable and fair toward them. The arbitrary annexation of native lands for the convenience of the new waves of immigrants during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has disrupted a culture and society that was in harmony with the land and was open to the idea of newcomers if it was done in an honest and accommodating fashion. Aboriginal societies never asked for payment for land and they certainly never laid claims to everything around them. Although Canada’s treatment of native peoples was nowhere near as volatile as other countries, it was nevertheless wanting in respect and decency on many levels. The Indian Act was in fact a Deprivation Act. In a hunger for territories and their resources, immigration into the aboriginal homelands rarely took into consideration the positive values represented by those peoples. While annihilation was never a policy, governments of every stripe practiced a “do as we do or stand aside” doctrine. The dominant idea throughout the latter part of the 1800s was social Darwinism, and this evil philosophy helped label the aboriginals as inferior and in need of guidance from the colonialists. The problem escalated when treaties were not honored and residential schools (perpetrated by the Catholic Church) stole what little dignity and identity was left for the first nations peoples.

The current state of affairs has pain on both sides of the social coin: if these lands were indeed stolen, should they be given back? And if given back, what is to be done about the rights of the legitimate owners of lands? Should this generation pay for the sins of its fathers and mothers? What is the one right that can rectify two wrongs? Canada has rarely treated its aboriginals fairly, and has done little more for mixed-breed citizens who ‘got in the way’ of big government. The Métis uprising is a prime example. Canadian big government never allowed autonomy to such people. The NWMP and subsequently the RCMP were formed to negate such likelihoods. Like big governments everywhere, the Canadian ruling elite are controlled by their elitist corporate puppet-masters. The best hope we mere citizens, white and aboriginal alike, have is that enough common decency will prevail to make it all somewhat tolerable. But even tolerance is running scarce in Canada.

I would be in favor of an “anything goes” policy on immigration – I think governments should not interfere anywhere in the free movements of peoples. But a policing of criminal elements must prevail in a nation that obeys a rule of law. With the great influx of newcomers that populated this country over the past two hundred years, a no-hands policy was the pattern of the times. It is sad to note that this is no longer so. It is also sad to note that much if not all of this immigration was for cheap labor, even if it afforded some chance for a ‘better life’ for the immigrant in Canada. Racism reared its ugly head when, for example, Chinese laborers were utilized in the building of railways, and where Japanese citizens were interred during WW2. Immigrants are still discriminated against, and it is almost impossible to prove racial discrimination, yet most people know that it goes on. One of the grievances surrounding all of this is that we can use the talents of immigrants from all walks of life, and we can absorb the tired, battered, abused poor as well. But the bang of the immigration-fees dollar still rules, and only the elite of other countries make the move. And even the alleged grace of Canadians helping American slaves escape from their bondage during the American Civil War is tainted by the fact that most people conveniently forget another fact: at that same time in history (and for a long time before it) prominent Canadian citizens owned personal slaves, and continued with forced indentured-labor practices.

When things do go wrong, we turn to a jaded and ineffective justice system to straighten it all out again. It is one thing for the wrongfully accused to be imprisoned, but quite another thing for the lawbreakers to avoid punishment. Canada is so lenient on its criminal element that it no longer offers capital punishment. You only have to think about a Clifford Olson, a Robert Preston, a Paul Bernardo, to know how wrong this is. On top of that, young murderers are offered anonymity and early amnesty. The power of the rich may not always help them escape the noose, but the liability of being poor guarantees that they often see only a partial justice. And practically nothing is done either for victims and their families or for the wrongfully incarcerated. It has been well said that a nation can be judged by how well it treats its poor and weak, and Canada is seriously lacking. In this country, one of the seven richest on earth, many people are still malnourished, have no medical insurance, and no security for their old age, to name but a few inconsistencies.

Canada prides itself on the international image of peacekeeping. One might wonder why a greater effort is not given to war-avoiding. A peace cannot be kept until it is first won. One of the greatest myths around is that war is folly. War, in fact, settles matters like nothing else can, and a righteous nation must wage war against any and all lawless empires. As long as there are dictators, bullies, and miscreant nations in the world at large, wars will happen. History is full of the depravity of warlords and despots. To put them in their place does not mean standing aside and allowing them to pillage, rape, and kill their own peoples. Yet the nations that have stood up for human decency have been caustically reprimanded. Canadians brag that we are more peace-loving, for example, than those Americans, and less war-mongering. I beg to differ. In both world wars and in almost every military intervention they have entered into, the American nation has held back and refused to get involved when Canadians and British and French fighters were already in the trenches. When American intervention did come, it usually saved the day. Canadians panted after the wars in Europe and entered at the beck and call of the British. Canada failed to step in when slaughter prevailed in Rwanda, for example, because Canada can no longer field an effective fighting force. In overall peacekeeping effectiveness, Canada is not even as good as countries such as Ethiopia, Bangladesh or Ghana. Keep in mind that defense does not end at our borders. And remember that we have turned down refugees and we have harbored terrorists.

If this sounds like another diatribe against our country, you are right. There are specks in my eye but there are planks in the national eye. I lament the era of bygone days because morals were taught in church and school, the percentage of crime was far less, and meaningful employment and a healthy work ethic were commonplace. The unnatural was rightfully taboo and violence did not replace tolerance. Suicide was so rare that communities talked about it for months when it did occur, and divorce was shameful. We have fallen and are still falling down the precipice of immorality because the fear of God has turned into ambivalence and finally into a mockery and dismissal of God altogether.

The secular humanists in our society (for example, those who follow the theory of evolution and do not subscribe to biblical principles) may argue that we have no right to “impose our views or opinions” onto them. This oft-quoted defense is a shallow and self-defeating line of reasoning. To say that another opinion is not a moral imperative for everybody is to say that the alternative is. That alternative of course is composed of non-Biblical principles, or secularism. If I decry the behavior of my federal government it is for good reason: that government, according to my beliefs, is there to protect me. When it fails, I appeal to the higher power that allows that government to exist in the first place, and that is the authority of God. All moral reasoning comes from God and nowhere else. There is simply no basis for morality aside from Him; all civilizations have been based on just that.

The Judeo-Christian system of morality is the greatest system in the world for basing a society on. Remove God from the formula and you wind up with existentialism, or living for the moment. Secularism has its place. But if society bases its concepts only on worldly (secular) things, it will stray. The secular world is relativistic and relativism changes to suit the whim of the current situation. What was once good, for example, is now bad. But there are absolutes and the idea of Truth is one of them. God is absolute, and humans cannot overrule Him.

Still, Canada has never explicitly recognized the existence of God in its constitution or Charter of Rights, although there was a time when we did recognize it in our churches and schools and workplaces, and in the home. But those days are fading. Furthermore, we have lionized one of our leaders as a sample of our immoral stature as a country. The Canadian public has voted Pierre Elliot Trudeau as one of the “greatest Canadians.” How strange. This pop culture figure claimed to be personally opposed to abortion and yet he single-handedly railroaded through the liberal (no, make that Liberal) abortion laws that we live under. Perhaps railroading is an unfair term for Trudeau: a country that wants immorality will get an immoral leader of great proportions into the bargain. Canada, unfortunately, got more than it should have bargained for. In Trudeau, it got an avid and professed fan of the likes of Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Fidel Castro. Under his successors, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, we have not fared any better. With Chretien, a Trudeau clone if ever there was one, Canada embarked on international investments with foreign dictators for the pleasures and profits of those corporate puppet-masters. With Martin, the trend continued in such fashion that he eventually fell only when his greed outshone his immorality. Oh, and never mind the horrific human rights abuses in those foreign marketplaces. Our atheistic leaders do not care about such things. Our infamous Charter of Wrongs assured them that they could overrule whatever decency that our Parliament might possibly represent.

Neither does party politics matter. The Conservative atheists had their turn at the national trough with Brian Mulroney. Has any Canadian ever wondered for example why abortion on demand, homosexual rights, easy divorce, and federally sponsored gambling have flourished within our national character, in spite of the fact that continuous national surveys indicate a desire for the exact opposite? Where then has gone our sense of democracy, our foundation of morals? Look again at that ‘precious’ Charter, and at who has been leading us. Why was it, then, that the United Nations did proclaim Canada to be the best country in the world? Consider who the close rivals (and eventual winners) were for this honor: Sweden, Norway, Italy, and the Netherlands. That happened because our country echoed the same values as those countries, namely an acceptance of similar secular doctrines such as the state-ordained erosion of the family, abortion and homosexual rights, minority rights that override majority rights, and monogamy for all. ***name a few more…see Gairdner pt 1

Canadians claim a pride in being fair and less arrogant than other countries, yet a claim to be less arrogant or bombastic or ambitious than others is in itself a common form of arrogance. As a nation, we are already immoral in our fairness and honesty. Research published by the Canadian Press shows the results of surveys in which the foundation for morality in Canada was judged. On a list of 18 articles of moral behavior, the major items discussed were shoplifting, having an extramarital affair, taking hard drugs, tax evasion, prostitution, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, suicide, working under the table, taking soft drugs, abortion, gambling, swearing, homosexuality, doctor-assisted suicide, engaging in pre-marital sex, being an atheist, and divorce. For example, Canadians felt that issues such as illegal drug use, homosexuality, swearing, atheism and divorce were not immoral any longer. A century or more back in time, none of these things would be considered for moral compromise, but that same list is swinging around to a full plate of immorality. In spite of current trends down the slippery slope, over 75% of those polled believe Canadians have a strong sense of morals. The difference between age groups in most of those surveyed in regards to national morality is astonishing. For those over age 65 the perception of what is immoral on a list of immoral behaviors is very high. They held all of the articles to be immoral. For those between 18 and 24 the accepted behavior is that “anything goes”. To them, half of the same list is already “OK”. What happened to fairness and fine morals?

The immorality curve is rising with the younger generation, and they are about to be our rulers. Canada is tramping the godless path and will pay dearly for it. God help us, because He is not amused. The situation is not beyond rescue. It does, however, require a heavy dose of realty (not the TV kind) and a return to proven values. Nations prosper only when their foundations are solid and are not undermined. Canada’s roots are being eroded because of socialism and multiculturalism. Those very same concepts are hailed as a panacea and thought of as tolerance and progress, but they are nothing short of cultural sabotage and regress. The nation that has opened its doors to barbarian ideas (abortion, euthanasia, atheism) or at least to very different ideas, all in the name of tolerance, have in the long run fallen to those ideas and have ceased to be the same nation it started out to be. Make no mistake: Darwinism and social evolution is devious and evil. Tolerance has its reasonable limits, and even God draws a line.

Canada too should draw a line in the moral and cultural sand. Outlaw the organizations that defy our sense of democratic freedoms, forbid entry to any cult or group that espouses ungodliness and intolerance, and publicly declare that we are (as we once were) a God-fearing people. We could do worse, and we are doing worse. Our marriage to the popular worldview of the 21st century will do to us what the Goths and Vandals did to the Romans, or what the Babylonians did to the ancient Hebrews. When Nehemiah, the Hebrew prophet and prisoner of the king of Babylon saw what had happened to his homeland, he prayed to God to help correct the backsliding of Israel. God responded in full and Jerusalem was rebuilt. If Canadians who deem themselves Christians, or at least who fear God, will begin by praying for this homeland, we could, with His help, restore it to its greatness. Prayer isn’t everything, but it’s a beginning and it is something that everybody can do. I believe it is the most powerful weapon in the universe, like a finger, a pointer, a sword to draw our own line with and mark our own place once again. O Canada, pray to God! Only the God of all creation can fix what He has created and what we have messed up.

  *regarding marijuana laws etc, see Reader’s Digest June 2004, page 139

Update, June 2017

In the last few years, Canada has fallen in national morals. With a Liberal government entrenched in Ottawa, we now have a full swing towards:

  • open liberalism which is set to accept recreational drugs on demand
  • open immigration for potentially dangerous immigrants
  • acceptance of refugees who are undocumented
  • abortion on demand for any reason
  • discrimination against Christians and Jews
  • the lies of carbon emissions and carbon taxes
  • the falsehoods of climate accords
  • allowance for huge deficit spending
  • gay and transsexual practices
  • politically correct hate laws which themselves are hateful
  • corrupt teachings throughout the education systems

These can only speed up the fall of civilized behavior and values in Canada.