Is There Global Warming by Man?

by Joe Boudreault

We have heard a lot about this upcoming catastrophe, as its supporters like to call it. The Earth is heading for some sort of environmental meltdown in its climate, and this will be destructive and deadly to life on our planet. While changes in weather trends worldwide actually do seem to be occurring, the affects of this are overrated and the cause – human activity alone – are downright ludicrous. The truth is, there is no proof for this particular global warming theory, especially the current strain of the theory that says man is the root cause of it all. Are there observable climatic changes going on out there? Yes. Is human activity the major cause? No. By and large, the same group who are preaching this nonsense are also the very same group who preached another ice age a generation or so ago. Let’s call them alarmists because that is what they are. Perhaps they should have stuck to their old guns. They claim that greenhouse gasses are rising at an alarming rate and that we are losing our protective ozone layer. Their reason: too much industrial pollution and burning of fossil fuels. Ergo, the polluting hand of man may be bringing on the doom of our race. This is all so much bunk.

Over the last century, while industry has multiplied enormously, the burning of fossil fuels like coal and wood have decreased enormously. Those were the polluting fuels. Nuclear power (whose alleged danger is another myth) is by far the cleanest of energy sources, yet it is being boycotted. Mean temperatures have risen less than one degree Celsius over the last 150 years, and even that statistic is questionable, due to errors in ground stations. Satellite and high-altitude balloons give more reliable readings and they indicate that even over the last decade the alleged warming of the past century has actually cooled off by 20 percent. Computer models of weather patterns cannot predict accurately beyond a week or ten days (ask any weatherman, or monitor the reports yourself)! Yet computer models seem to be the grounds for these Greenies arguments, in spite of the fact that the best of computers is unable to accurately predict a common weather front for more than a few days. I’d rather trust the latest information, gathered with modern instruments sensibly located, than a potpourri of old and erroneous data going back to the mid 1800s.

One of the scares being thrown at the public concerning global warming is that ice caps will melt and cause ocean levels to rise. This rise may only be several meters but that’s enough, they say, to wreak havoc on seaside cities. The problem with this “theory” is that it holds no water (pardon the pun). The simplest of experiments can disprove it. Fill a glass or container with water to simulate the oceans, add ice cubes or crushed ice to represent the polar caps, and mark the level. When the ice has all melted, the water level is the same. In fact, with a very large container, the level may often be lower, because ice is less dense than the water it floats in. Why do supporters of global warming miss this simple proof? True, a lot of polar ice is landlocked and not immersed in the oceans, but the immense weight of this ice depresses the land under it; melting polar caps would allow the land to rise, offsetting the rise in the oceans. Even if this wasn’t so, it would take a huge rise in temperatures over a long period of time to melt the miles-thick polar caps. Such rises of a few meters which might occur would merely affect low-lying areas, and human cultures are quick at adapting, given even a single generation. Most estimates for when this ‘catastrophe’ will arrive is around the years 2070-80, or about three generations away.

One source for the model for which a recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was based predicts a warming of 0.8 to 3.5 degrees centigrade by the year 2100. Such a climate change could never melt all of the polar caps. Notwithstanding, the fossils and sediments on ocean floors indicate a colder period at one time in the past while land fossils indicate that Greenland was once very green and so was Iceland and the Arctic regions. Climates have always cycled up and down. Over a period of more than a century (1881-1993) global temperatures only increased by .54 C, and most of that was in the first half of the period.

Another scare being offered us is the “dramatic increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere” which is “exacerbated by human activity” and which will accelerate the greenhouse affect. I read a report which stated that current atmospheric carbon dioxide is at 350 parts per million, but that before modern industrial activity came along this level was as high as 6000 ppm. Ice core sampling verifies this past record. So what is the problem? Our Green alarmist friends seem to think the very idea of a greenhouse effect and a global temperature increase is bad, yet it is the blanket of greenhouse gasses around the planet that makes life possible. They are blindsided in their understanding of how the planet really works because they have allowed themselves to be subjected to theories of ignorance about it. Add to that the genuine benefit of hundreds of thousands of lives being saved by mild winters. A warmer planet can only be a better planet. Just ask any northern hemisphere farmer or fisherman. Somehow, these global warming gurus forget that just a few volcanoes spew out far more greenhouse gasses that any level of human industry.

For those of you who are interested enough, there is a more honest and compelling theory that explains the past geology of our planet than the current misinformation we have pitched at us daily. One of the most thoughtful and careful scientists I know of is Dr. Walt Brown, a technologist, a geologist, mechanical engineer, physicist, mathematician and computer scientist to name a few of his talents. Brown long ago came up with the scenario that, once upon a time in the past, a singular global catastrophe took place which, in a matter of just months, transformed the earth into what we see now. He called it the Hydroplate Theory. It is well worth checking out, considering that many other careful geologists have applauded it. Brown asserts that a cataclysmic eruption of subterranean waters and debris have destroyed the ancient world and reformed the modern world. In the process, the atmosphere, once so very different than what we have now, was also changed dramatically. There was a brief period of an ice age followed by gradual warming, a period still going on. The icing on this cake is that all of the evidence which overwhelmingly supports this theory is in fact the mammoth volume of facts we already know from mainstream science. So the theory is no longer a theory but a proven thing, and it covers a heck of a lot more than atmospheres. Pardon the pun but the global warming alarmists would do well to dig deeper for the facts they are missing.

Want another statistic? Natural sources are responsible for 95% of all atmospheric gasses. Let me repeat that: natural sources are the biggest factor in what is happening in our atmosphere and on our planet. Human activity accounts for the rest, and automobiles for only half a percent. Besides, plants need carbon dioxide to thrive. One other thing the alarmists don’t ever tell you: the sun itself has the single biggest affect on any weather pattern. How about this: sunspot flares cause climate fluctuations. The Greenies have conveniently forgotten their basic science. What decent climatic records we do have reflect the fact that an average eleven-year solar flare cycle coincides with global temperature increases. Extreme weather has always been the result of sun activity combined with natural events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and oceanic emissions, nothing else. The last 20 years seems to be the time of the biggest global warming scaremongering, yet there are no discernible temperature changes overall, and the past 20 years have our most accurate measurements. Ice age or warm age? The groupies are letting the tail wag the dog.

Now, there is another truly bizarre argument being used in the alarmist camp. I am all in favor of being aware and concerned about bad weather and weird changes, but this one takes the cake: the natural world is topsy turvy and creatures are misbehaving. A few species going extinct, other endemic species migrating to where they never were before, and biological anomalies showing up in still other species. All signs, they say, of nature in imbalance. Now let’s get this straight: these very same alarmists who also subscribe to evolutionary theory say this is wrong? Case in point: a tropical mosquito should not exist in North America? Give us a break! Ice and glaciers hundreds of feet thick now cover territory where huge oil and gas deposits have been found (Alaskan north slope) and evidence of dense tropical forests are spread throughout Alberta and Siberia, where more huge fossil fuel deposits exist. Our alarmist/evolutionist friends claim these deposits were formed by previous eons of prolific life. Oil, coal and gas are called fossil fuels for good reason. The alarmists now argue against their own theories!

Want to hear some more alarmist propaganda? They claim that increases in carbon dioxide emissions cause global temperature increases. Our old friends the ice core samples and sun flare observations and careful charting of all the factors say different: global temperature rises precede increases in greenhouse gasses. The sun warms the oceans, which degasify and emit CO2. Hence the warmth and carbon dioxide, great for plants, which are great for humans. And of course the alarmists will never tell you that methane and water vapor (both from nature itself) far outweigh CO2. We can’t control the sun or nature. Thinking about those unrealistic Kyoto protocol agreements, with our hands being a 5% drop in the global bucket, it is like a modern King Canute thinking he can stop the tide from changing.

The truth is that a big meteor strike or another ice age is far more likely to happen, short of global nuclear war (which by the way would cause an ice age or nuclear winter, not more global warming, and it would be at the hands of we humans). Either of these catastrophes would cause more harm than any global warming at the hands of humans. To get an idea of that, it is worth reading essays such as “The Ice Age Cometh” by Andrew Kenny, in London’s The Sunday Mail of July 14, 2002. There are many other reports, and they strip away the misconceptions and lies surrounding manmade global warming. Our air and waterways are much cleaner now than they were a hundred or two hundred years ago, so there is no fear of humans increasing the greenhouse effect by way of emissions or pollutions to the point of global catastrophe. True, we can still dump crap into the land, seas, and air, but we stank the atmosphere to the high heavens back in the nineteenth century (and are still doing it in many Third World countries) with mammoth burning of wood and coal. If we get 6000 ppm levels of CO2 between recurring ice ages and recover anyway, aren’t the alarmists spouting a lot of hooey? Our energy sources and energy use is getting better, not worse.

This writer, for one, welcomes global warming. The same alarmists (such as Al Gore with his warped film An Inconvenient Truth) who preach this stuff are unusually quiet about the war against terror, another great danger – is it because they fail to see the facts supporting that too? And if these fear pundits can’t accurately predict weather trends, how can they be so audacious as to predict the results of climatic change? Once again, they ignore the stubbornness and the stupidity of mankind wherein people always throw themselves into the paths of natural disasters with a seemingly daredevil carelessness. To wit, skiing beneath avalanches, climbing mountains, dwelling on volcanic slopes, habitation along the lowest of tidal zones and flood zones, and building on top of know earthquake fractures. If we collectively know these places are dangerous, why do we stick around there? It appears that a few members of the human race don’t just ignore wise advice but go ahead and not only live there but wildly propagate there. I guess that stubbornness and stupidity blinds the mind.

What is the agenda of these global warming alarmists? To help save our planet? Nope. The planet’s geological record (which these alarmists comfortably use for their other various theories) shows that the earth can usually heal itself. It’s always been the way of nature. Their agenda is the same as the agenda of the environmental activists and animal rights activists and gay rights and abortion rights and euthanasia rights etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Mainly, it is what you can expect from a secular humanistic movement intent on the political removal of morals, on getting their own power base by the use of fear mongering (sound familiar, ie the agenda of terrorists?) and on removing God from all of their plans. It’s strange how you don’t often hear about the grassroots, rational opposition to this drivel. Have you ever heard, for example, of The Oregon Petition? Well, I checked it out and there are well over 17,000 respectable and reputable scientists worldwide who signed that statement in which they all agree there is no evidence for human-based activity that seriously impacts global climates.

Beyond a doubt, humans can seriously impact the planet, such as by the infliction of global NBCW (nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare), and that is preventable. However, like those suicide bombers who are wielding their bodies as weapons, these alarmists wield their false theories as persuasive weapons against society so that, in this atmosphere of raised alarm, we might beg to be offered safety. It’s classic social politics, and that’s where the greatest heat is.

Repeat a myth often enough and people will accept it as fact. Yet there is very little fact, if any, behind the idea of man-made causes behind global climate change. The intriguing and bitingly honest film The Great Global Warming Swindle, produced by British filmmaker Martin Durkin, was more to the point than Al Gore ever was. To be honest, Gore presented a feast of changes occurring but then injected a doomsday flavor to the meal. Durkin’s documentary had the decency to at least address the millennia-long trends in earth climatology, and it does make mention of the two dominant factors in global climate: the sun and the oceans, a fact which global warming alarmists conveniently ignore. Yet the infamous IPCC (that corrupted mouthpiece of the equally corrupted UN) continues to stir up the masses in the unnecessary controversy of man’s impact on the planet. Surely we need to clean up our act, but if the human species were to disappear tomorrow, the affect on our planet’s climate would be the merest of tiny blips on the history charts. Michael Crichton, in his novelized treatise State Of Fear, put it well by saying that the human race is arrogant to the extreme to believe that it can actually change global climate trends by its (our) actions.

The trend that should be regarded by us all as the most dangerous and most corrosive one is the trend of future greenhouse gas emission controls and “carbon credits”. If we are going to be made to pay the price of our alleged dirty deeds – and believe me the governments and bureaucrats are going to force this issue down our collective throats come greenhouse hell or high ocean water – the price is going to be extremely high. Only the elite of the planet will escape the consequences. All of the accords and protocols and agreements will never even make a dent in the climate or the ecology, but boy oh boy will we all pay! Global strategies for curbing the Greenhouse Affect is simply the biggest new tax grab in history, nothing more, nothing less, and its proponents know this. There is not a human alive who hasn’t made a contribution to industrial pollution anywhere, but there are very few humans who have educated themselves on the reality of how tiny a wisp this pollution is in relation to the gigantic contributions caused by nature itself. The newspeak of the 21st Century will be a global call for action out of which the rich will get infinitely richer and we poor will get infinitely more restrained and controlled. Watch out, you have been warned.

The saddest thing of all is that there is a far more dangerous and debilitating trend in the world at large that anything that the climate can throw at us. That is the trend of a world becoming more and more godless. Let’s make that Godless, because the gods of this world are money, secularism, and all the creature comforts, and damn the Creator. Think last days. If the evolutionists and secular humanists who are continuing to dominant the planet get their way, they will conveniently ignore their own admission that they really don’t have a clue about how the world started (can you say Big Bang Theory?) and will march on into a clueless future about what we are truly facing. And what we are facing is not the dire consequences of climate change but the catastrophic consequences of leaving God out of the equation of life. If you listen to the wisdom of the world, you will get the alarming formula of how we are screwing up our surroundings but not to fear, we can fix it. So close to the truth, but so misleading.

Messing up the world? That we are surely doing. Fix it up? That we cannot do without Help of the Highest Order. And nothing is higher than the God from whom all creation originated. Armageddon is not a fable or ancient myth. It is a warning from above. When I said that mankind is not capable of changing the world climate, I meant changing it for the good of us all. We are however capable of changing it for the destruction of us all. That NBCW stuff I mentioned earlier (taught in military circles as NBCW) can destroy our planet, our only home. And just as God started history, He will finish it and only on the brink of planetary oblivion will our Creator intervene to save us from ourselves. I trust God more that I trust man, and I fear God more than I fear man’s false fear-mongering. Facts do not support man-made global climate change, and we should not fear this bogeyman. Facts do support biblical prophecies and we should welcome a global warming of the human heart towards God’s word. For the truth is, we have to be saved from ourselves, not by ourselves.

Note: since writing this, the author takes note that for the past 18 years, the global climate has cooled, not warmed up. Arctic and antarctic ice caps have increased overall, not decreased. Canada’s carbon emissions have decreased, not increased.