To go or not to go…

a view by Joe Boudreault

    The Olympic Games are finished. I mean no pun; they are finished. Whoop-de-doo. What a spectacle we saw! Dazzling showmanship. Incredible athletics, wonderful camaraderie, the works. One of the world’s biggest get-togethers, aside from warfare, and it is praised left and right. Yadda, yadda…


    For a couple of weeks, Beijing bewitched the world. A coming-out party by the world’s most populous place. Sportsmanship at its best, performances at their most amazing, spirits at their highest. Presentations of sights and sounds to knock you off your feet. The most splendid gala of the Games ever held. Three cheers for Chinese triumphs, and for the other two biggest winners, the Yanks and the Aussies, in the follow-ups, because they have the most to gain with favors from China right now. Why, we should do this every year, for a month or more.


    Yet if ever a country didn’t deserve the Olympics, it is China. Of course, there is so much hype, big money, face-saving and dirty politics involved in the Games that, hey, what country truly deserved them in recent history? Okay, Greece in 1996. But that goes to prove how gutless and totally corrupt the whole organization is. To be sure, hype is fine – it makes the Games noticeable. And face-saving (or face-building) is okay if it comes from the heart. But bucks and bureaucrats will spoil the mixture every time. The whole idea of the Olympics in the first place was to bring together the best aerobic talent from different nations in a friendly venue of competition. Beats war any day, right? The Greeks thought of this first, as Greeks usually do, but they were shunted in ’96 by Big Bucks and tiny-minded bureaucrats. Chance of a lifetime, blown by the gods of modern commerce.


    I admire the athletes, as I do the soldiers, laborers and hard workers of the world. Especially the Chinese, who are arguably the best in the world – they did not need Olympics to prove it to me. Anybody remember the Peking Circus? The Olympic Games do not a great athlete prove. Read up on a legend from Canada (name of Jackrabbit Johansson) and you will get the point. The world is full of finer sportsmanship than what you see on Olympian fields. This is just the physical propaganda of a world obsessed with Itself. If the Greek gods existed (which they don’t) they would turn in their non-existent graves to see the duplicity of the modern games. That brings us back to un-deserving China.


    There are years of training, dedication, sweat and tears behind those medals. Certainly the Chinese players have showed that more than anyone else. But there is another price behind Olympic gold, silver and bronze. There are tens of thousands – no, millions – of lives paid in pain, deprivation and persecution just to make way for the brief Beijing gala. And the crooked finger of fate points directly at the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Followed closely by the developers, planners, sponsors, bankers, and promoters of Beijing 2008. Make no mistake about it, for every athlete who ran the race or stood at the podium of honor, there were dozens of sacrificed citizens who lost all or nearly everything to make the glorious Games possible. Ask the hundreds of lowly homeowners and struggling small-business people who were ousted by the communists to make Beijing look “beautiful” to the outside world. Ask the tens of thousands of children and parents who had no flood protection or evacuation relief in natural disaster areas, while mega-buildings went up in the capital. Woo the Westerners, piss on the peasants. Ask the million plus Tibetans who died as a result of CCP genocides. Ask the athletes who went anyway, who “represented” their countries. I am ashamed of my fellow Canadians; they did not represent me.


    Don’t ask me to leave out the politics; don’t tell me that sports and contests are the real mark of the Games. Politics and global influence peddling are the real marks. The athletes are just the other eye-wash – even they are in it for the lottery of future grand sponsorship. Tell me of any who haven’t gone that route. To suggest that awarding the Games to the Chinese nation was a means to a bigger end – the enticement for the nation to come forward into Decency and Modernity, or the celebration of that alleged idea – is another Big Lie from the infamous Olympic Committee. Don’t believe a word of it. They were scared witless by a looming economic giant and dared not say No to a Beijing format for 2008. As were the Chinese athletes who were spoon-fed by the CCP machine – can you imagine them honestly protesting their glorious mentors?


    So it goes. All of the athletes are as much to blame, for going against the spirit of human freedom, honesty and fairness that the Games once represented, simple by participating. I cheered the Greeks in 1996, even against Canadians. I cheered no one this time – none of them deserve it. Certainly, Asia (and the Chinese people) deserved an Olympic venue of some sort. Japan proved it in 19**. Perhaps Malaysia, India, or Bangladesh? But not Beijing, not this time, not this way, with the atrocious history of the CCP backing it all to the hilt. Beijing charmed a lot of the world; they did not bedazzle me. I award the biggest gold medal of all to the Chinese leaders. Best performance ever for Hypocrisy. It’s a strange thing. The original Greeks imbued these sports with false gods, just for the fun of it. The modern Chinese communists imbued the same sports with the tinge of godless prestige, just for the power of it. That’s what communists do.


    Whoop-de-doo and yadda yadda. Beijing’s shock and awe is to make us all gasp at the wonder of it all. But I can’t look at that awful Bird’s Nest Stadium without feeling the tears and ghosts of millions of slaved lives wandering through it, just for the sake of the vanity of the next great world power. Oh, to dispel all that silly religion and culture and be Modern and Worldly, at any cost! To be atheist, don’t you know, is to be the shiniest and most efficient kind of Racist. To be Olympian no longer means what it once did.