There is a particular war going on that has captured the attention of the world at large more than any other war. That is the struggle between the Palestinians and the Israelis. To many, this is an uprising, or a civil strife, or a police action on several fronts. But it is a war nevertheless, for it is made up of a declaration of war by at least one party and a declaration of defense by the other party. On the soil of the nation of Israel, within its ‘disputed territories’, the battle lines appear to be between the oppressed Palestinian people and the oppressing Israeli military. But that battle front, watched daily by the whole world, is in reality a conflict between Arab and Jew. And behind all the violence is the propaganda, and behind all of the propaganda is the empire of lies perpetrated by various Arabs against the Jews of Israel. For this is not merely an internal conflict within the nation, but the latest installment of another proxy war, a universal conflict of non-Jew against Jews.

I say that there are lies involved here and I do not say that lightly. This is a very easy thing to determine if you wish to dig even the smallest amount into the backgrounds of these peoples. The first casualty of war, say some, is the truth and here the truth has been buried deeply indeed. If this seems slanted and one-sided, then I suggest that it is because the level of propaganda and misinformation from one side of the conflict is so high that it strains any credibility. Yet when a falsehood is repeated often enough it becomes accepted as a truth in itself, overwhelming and censuring facts themselves. In this the 21st century, a rapid inversion of truth is taking place. With this inversion, a real terrorist is called an insurgent (for fear of insulting him or her), while a fake Palestinian is considered valid.

For beginners, consider the very word Palestinian. There are, believe it or not, no such people as Palestinians, at least not in recent centuries, and no such place as Palestine. These so-called Palestinians in Israel are in fact Arabs who migrated illegally into the land of Israel over the 18th and 19th centuries. They eventually claimed present-day Israel as their homeland in spite of it being historically the Jewish homeland for millennia. These ‘immigrants’ adopted a corruption of the word Philistine as their ethnic background, the Philistines being an ancient trading culture from the Mediterranean coast of ancient Israel. No such nation as Palestine ever existed or was recognized as such by any other nation in history. But Israel was always Israel and that was that. The land where the modern nation now exists was sparsely populated for centuries and was occupied by various powers, most notably the Ottoman Turks until the British came along in the early 20th century. When the Jews of the Diaspora began coming back to Israel in the 19th century, the scattered Arabs in this area quickly saw the improvements the Jews brought and they clung to the Jewish pockets of advancement and things seemed normal. Trouble started with a radical change in Muslim attitudes, a result of the rise of Wahabbism out of Egypt and the growth of the Arab nations and their spreading wealth and influence. Hostility between Arab and Jew flared up and the Arabs who collectively began calling themselves Palestinians voiced their intentions of destroying the Jewish presence there.

An explosion of the Arab population in Israel in the latter 19th century had the Jewish population itself outnumbered, and this was not from a rapid birthrate but from the influx of Arabs from other countries. A demographic of this area paints an interesting picture. The countries with the highest density of immigrant populations include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. This is understandable, as Arabs and Muslims immigrated to these theocratic quarters. What is unusual is that while Israel also has a very high percentage of immigrants (because Jews naturally immigrated from around the world to the only Jewish state in existence), the Palestinian territories, inside that Jewish state, contain another overwhelming population, about 48%, of immigrant Arabs and Muslims. Why? Cannot the residues of the Arab world’s own dismal economies and religious warfare pick a more sensible place to immigrate to than the Jewish homeland? Not if they can be a thorn in the side (or belly) of Israel.

A situation arose in which these Arab nations saw a chance to eliminate any chance for a Jewish homeland from being re-established. For it is a clear fact of history that the Jews had never surrendered or given up their homeland. Now Jews found themselves in the strange predicament of buying back their ancient homeland from the Arab habitants and improving it. Arab commerce increased and improved as Jewish commerce increased and improved. Arab got along with Jew and nobody was any the worse off. But within half a century the invading Arabs were declaring that they were invaded themselves by Zionist colonialists and were being persecuted and oppressed to boot.

What was the basis for this claim, which continues to this day? The basis was a systematic introduction of false history and propaganda by these new ‘Palestinians’. The word Palestine was invented by the Romans in 70 AD when they pillaged Jerusalem, and used again only in 1917 by the British with their suggested ‘Palestine Mandate’. It has been a standard procedure for Palestinian leaders to declare a fake Palestinian past history and boastfully proclaim it to be true.

Arab Muslims have always declared their antipathy toward the existence of even one single Jewish state. To hold to the remote possibility of peace with Arabs everywhere, the Jews considered a homeland far removed from the Arab world itself, but no nation offered assistance in this. One consideration was somewhere in Brazil. Finally, world opinion backed a Jewish nation in the land of Israel and was endorsed by the UN in May of 1948. Within hours of declaring their independence, five Arab nations (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq) attacked Israel without provocation, intending to annihilate it. They vastly outnumbered the Jews, but not only lost the war, they lost huge portions of territories, including the Sinai Peninsula. Jordan captured what was to become known as the West Bank from the traditional homeland of Israel. This was the west side of the Jordan River which had always belonged to the Jewish homeland.

The Arab nations of Egypt, Jordan and Syria (with the arms-collaboration of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kuwait, and Iraq) tried again in 1967, and in six days the little nation of Jews beat them back and recaptured the West Bank, the Gaza strip, an area adjoining Syria (which was one of the attacking nations) called the Golan Heights, overlooking the Dead Sea, and parts of Jerusalem. By the same arguments of conquest used by Arabs since time immemorial, the Jews now claimed that these captured lands were once again Israeli territories. In spite of these conquests, Israel offered to return these territories for a peace agreement. The Arab nations refused and launched more warfare in the form of aggravated assaults on Israel’s border regions, and eventually within the nation itself. Key to this was the Palestinians and their lies and terror tactics. In the years between 1948 and the present day, offer after offer of peace has been turned down by Palestinian authorities and leaders.

It should be remembered that some Palestinian Arabs were content to live autonomously under Israeli rule; in fact they felt safer and more successful that way. But when a league of Arab nations is intent to destroy Israel as a national entity, a few signs of co-operation and friendship didn’t mean a lot. Where weapons of terror might not prevail, a few well-paced lies might do the job.

The world press and media have been no help. In fact they have aggravated the situation by mindlessly spreading the misinformation about Israeli intent and alleged Palestinian suffering. One after another, Palestinians spokesmen and leaders have bombarded the world with allegations of mistreatment and oppression at the hands of Israel. None of these allegation and charges is supported by any facts, but then, lies do not rely on facts. One of the biggest of these liars was the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. His very claim of being a Palestinian was a lie, as this terrorist was raised in Egypt. Every time Arafat opened his mouth in public to promise co-operation for a peace accord, he had already been planning the murder of Jews. With every offer brokered by international negotiators, the Israelis agreed, Arafat nodded and assented, but the murders continued. The closer that the chances of peace became, the higher was the body count from terrorists inside Israel. It is evident that the Arab nations feared that approval of a peace plan would jeopardize their plan to destroy Israel once and for all. Arafat’s replacement, Mahmoud Abbas, will prove no better. He is the leader of Hamas who are dedicated to Jewish annihilation. Why the world community accepted this leader is a big puzzle, unless you consider that not many nations want to antagonize the influential Arab world. It always comes back to Arab versus Jew. The Koran itself promotes this conflict, for it is a sickeningly anti-Semite book.

There is in the psyche of a pathological liar a thing known as a reprobate mind. That is a mind so immersed in wrongful thinking that it believes it is rightful thinking. That is the mind of Palestinian leadership, and it pervades every level of Palestinian society, from the youngest schoolchild to the president. It is driven by hatred and psychological poisoning. This is not the only society subject to it – Nazism is another – but it is operating in its most lethal version here. If this is a full-scale deception of what is good and what is evil, there is nonetheless no excuse for it. Deception enters in when people harden their minds to revealed truths and accept propaganda in its place.

First, a people (here, it is the Jews) are alienated and then demonized to the world. Then they are forced into defensive action and that defense is portrayed as aggression. The victim becomes the perpetrator, evil becomes good and good becomes evil, the friend becomes the enemy. A classic turnaround of reasoning from out of the reprobate mind.

The suicidal intifada of recent years illustrates this. Israel has created an apartheid system with ghettoes and is crushing the life out of the Palestinians. So it is reported, and so it is widely believed. The desecrated innocent Palestinians have no other option against the inhuman Jewish swine but to strike back. With no comparable weaponry or tactics to counter their aggressors, they institute suicide bombings (more accurately called homicide bombings by the Israelis) against the corrupted civilian population. So it is argued. Terror tactics and lies are legitimate if they are the only weapon at hand. Arafat as much as admitted he would lie and die for his cause. Imams in the Palestinian mosques preach this babble. Palestinian schools teach the children this hatred. Religious fanatics coerce Palestinian youths into believing they have a special place in paradise for their diabolical martyrdom.

No matter that the world rejects this fanaticism, as do some peaceable Arabs and Palestinians. They will jab at the Jew first, and the rest of the world later. It is a curious and sad fact that the world at large has such a blind spot in its own mental make-up that it has come to accept the “bad-boy Israel” imagery so easily, but then the world view has become reprobate itself. Note: this suicidal lifestyle is just a testing ground, as it escalates throughout the Arab world and into Europe and the Far East, and its gun sights are already set on the West as well.

A brief look at some of the commonplace lies perpetuated by Palestinians is worthy of note:

Arab nations claim that Jews have stolen their ancient homeland. The Arabs never had a homeland until the 20th century appearance of Saudi Arabia, which was Bedouin territory captured by Saudi warlord Abdul Aziz. Israel never was part of this. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, claimed by Muslims as their own, was in fact built by the Jewish king Solomon centuries before there ever was a Muslim. Palestinians say Jews have no historic right to this nation. Yet, Arabs only started settling in Israel during the expansion of Islam after 630 AD, whereas the land of Israel itself was always the Jewish homeland. They were dispersed by the Romans in the first century and returned in great numbers only after nearly being annihilated in Europe in the last two centuries. Palestinians claim that Israelis are the aggressors, yet the Israelis have constantly and singularly acted in self-defense against terrorism instigated by Palestinians. It was Palestinians, motivated and backed by surrounding Arab nations, who successively attacked the Jewish state without provocation, starting in 1948.

With superior military might, Israelis easily could have eliminated Palestinian presence in their land, but they have only targeted military targets, whereas Palestinians have only targeted civilian people. In March 2002 the Israeli Defense Force entered the town of Jenin in the West Bank to rout out terrorists after Palestinians had murdered more than 100 Israeli civilians in one month. Rumors quickly spread that a massacre was underway, with reports of 3,000 casualties, then (oops) over 500, then (oops again) several hundred. Arafat had the mouthpiece of spokesman Saeb Erekat to lie to the TV cameras of the world, and lie he did, just as Baghdad Bob would a year later before the fall of Saddam Hussein. The BBC drank it all up, but it turned out that only 52 died, mostly terrorists. During that attack, 23 Israeli soldiers gave their lives in a ground effort to keep civilian casualties low, and the few civilians who were caught in the crossfire were almost certainly human shields, another famous Muslim war tactic. International agencies, including the UN, later exonerated the Israeli claims. But the Jenin ‘massacre’ lie prevails to this day. I personally recall one Palestinian woman, here in the safety and security of Canada, who told me that she considered Ariel Sharon to be the terrorist and Yasser Arafat to be the hero. Once again, the reprobate mind.

Another of the greatest of Palestinians liars spreads his filth from the very heart of Judaism. He is Ikrama Sabri, the grand mufti or preacher of Islam, appointed by Arafat, and he spits his hate sermons regularly on Palestinian radio in Jerusalem, literally calling for the death of all Jews and Americans, constantly referring to them as the “sons of monkeys and pigs”. This is the most serious kind of libel and is against the Oslo Accord agreement on anti-libel between the two cultures, an accord which Israel meticulously obeys.

Palestinians claim that Israelis oppress them culturally and religiously, yet Israel never forbids religion or secular teaching in Palestinian areas, unlike Arab nations versus non-Arabs in their homelands. Palestinians claim the Israelis are ‘occupying’ their territory in the West Bank, yet the West Bank was never separate from ancient Israel and never belonged to Jordan or any other Arab nation. It is the Palestinians who are the occupiers. In spite of this claim, Israel has ceded and granted autonomy to Palestinian authority there. Palestinians say that Israelis deny human rights to them. This is one of their biggest lies, considering that under Israeli control, the Palestinians have much better health care, education, religious freedom and economic opportunity, and only in Israel can Muslim women vote in Israeli elections and only in Israel can Muslims be elected to Israeli parliaments etc. Moreover, Palestinians cry foul against the Israelis in regard to their squalid living conditions, which they say are forced upon them. No one bothers to point out that the PLO and the PA receive far more aid per capita than any nation on earth, yet this aid disappears into the Palestinian gulag created by Palestinians thugs like Arafat and Abbas.

The Palestinians complain that the Jews stole Jerusalem from them, yet Jews founded Jerusalem in the days of Abraham and there are no historical evidences that Arabs ever claimed it prior to the formation of Islam. Another atrocious accusation against the Jews by the Palestinians is that they lost their holy sites in and around Jerusalem to the Israelis. This is all nonsense. Even the Koran never mentions Jerusalem, let alone any holy sites there. Yet Jews are forbidden to pray at what is the Temple Mount, their holiest site, the remains of Solomon’s temple. They have but a portion of the wall of that temple, the western Wailing Wall. While the Muslims of Jerusalem claim the holy site of the temple, they face Mecca, not Jerusalem, when they pray. And can a Jew or Christian enter their holiest city at will? Not a chance.

Palestinians claim the Jews of the world have world domination as their goal and that the pamphlet The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is proof of that, in spite of the fact that this has been clearly shown to be a Russian propagandist forgery. Add to this the fact that the Palestinians claim that the Holocaust of WW2 (in which over six million Jews were murdered by Nazis) was a myth. There is of course overwhelming proof to the contrary, and you can see the huge pain this causes for the Jewish nation. This should surprise no one, considering Palestinian teachers deny entire Jewish histories and supplant them with fake Palestinian histories.

The Palestinians claim that they need their own homeland in modern Israel proper, yet no Arab nation has offered them such a place, in spite of the Arab landmass being about 800 times larger that Israel itself. Israel comprises only one tenth of one percent of the surrounding Middle East landmass but that’s too much Jewish soil for the Arab nations to tolerate. Every time Palestinians get caught in Israeli gunfire they shout “massacre” and “murder”; yet they staged their own people’s murders, used civilians as body shields, and faked the scale of alleged genocides such as Jenin and Ramallah and Bethlehem.

Palestinians say that Jewish settlements are the biggest obstacle to a peace agreement. Yet President Anwar Sadat of Egypt made a peace deal with Israel in spite of growing settlements in the Sinai. Jordan made a peace agreement with Israel in spite of settlements in the West Bank. Settlements were increasing when the Oslo Accords were signed by Arafat in 1993 (for which he, ironically, jointly shared a Nobel Peace Prize), yet the Palestinians refused to call off the deadly conflict. Concerning land issues, while Palestinians cry out about alleged oppression at the hands of Jews, the PA has ‘legally’ put to death Arabs and Palestinians who sell land to Jews. The incendiary rate of suicide bombings inside Israel only declined noticeably after the death of Arafat in November, 2004. How coincidental! One political bard quipped that he should have received a second Nobel Peace Prize just for dying.

Palestinians cry out regularly that Israel disobeys UN resolutions against them. Yet the UN human rights council is ruled by dictatorships and despots like Libya and Russia and Jordan, and although a huge percentage of these resolutions are against Israel, none mention the Arab dictatorships. One resolution, 3379, called Zionism a form of racism (in spite of the fact that Zionism is the peaceful search for Jewish nationhood). Palestinians say that Israelis never give them a true chance for peace, yet their own leaders and textbooks preach hatred of Jews. Perhaps the most abusive use of lies by Palestinians is when their imams and muftis deceive the Palestinian youths into suicides. One western journalist called this the worst kind of child abuse. If Israelis were even remotely like the personages they are portrayed as by the Palestinians, you have to wonder why Jews haven’t resorted to a campaign of suicide bombings against Palestinians. Yet they haven’t. Theirs is a culture of life, the Palestinians is a culture of death.

The Palestinians like to show photographs of ‘abuse’ toward Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers, but never allow photos of these same children throwing stones at the soldiers. This is a lie of omission similar to the famous Rodney King debacle in the USA where famous video of policemen beating King into submission was aired on TV, yet video of the vicious and sadistic nature of King’s behavior was conveniently omitted by the press at the time. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. It should come as no surprise that lying to achieve an end is natural to most Palestinians, considering that even their Koran encourages it in many verses, but the western press omits this too. A best seller in PA bookstores is Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

The reason for the existence of the Palestinians in Israel is clear: they are the frontline cannon fodder in the war between the Arabs and the Jews. It is the only reason the Palestinians exist in Israel, so far as Arab intentions go. The world’s popular press is too afraid or cowardly to publicize this truth. In fact, they refer to terrorists in the Middle East as insurgents, as if murderers of Jews (that is, the militant Palestinians) are fighting for national survival. One has to wonder why, out of more than a hundred million refugees in the wars of the latter half of the 20th century, all have been absorbed into camps by various countries, with the glaring exception of the Palestinians, who have never been absorbed by any of the Arab nations who claim to be their friends. Some of these Arab nations, in fact, forbid citizenship to Palestinians. Israel guarantees full citizenship to all comers.

And finally, every Palestinian group that preaches the formation of a Palestinian homeland between Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea also has a constitution of anti-Semitism and a pledge to annihilate the Jews forever. Even the PLO (which is not a country) has greater influence and status in the UN than does Israel. That is no surprise, as the United Nations itself has become a distorted entity, propagating evil. There is a great suffering of the Palestinians, but the blame for it should rest solely in the hands of the Arab League which deliberately created it and sustains it as a politically feasible anti-Semitism ploy.

All said, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be easily avoided if peace offers were genuinely accepted when offered. Such offers have always been extended, and they were always generous and reasonable. But so long as Arab hates Jew, it cannot be. In 1948 the partition of what the British called Palestine was cause for 856,000 Jews to flee from Arab countries into the new land, and for nearly 600,000 Arabs to flee back to Arab lands. The Jews lost everything they left behind. The Arabs were offered full compensation and citizenship in Jordan, where three-quarters of their new Palestinian state was to exist according to the UN division. The Jews had to leave the Arab countries; the Arab Palestinians were begged and invited by the Jews in Israel to stay on as partners, in that spring of 1948. The Arab press will never admit this, and neither will most of the western press, but it is a fact attested to and witnesses by UN observers.

Still, an intifada continues in Israel today. Innocent blood on both sides has been spilt for these hate-mongers who operate the Palestinian Authority and the Arab nations who back them. The minds and souls of a whole people have been poisoned against peace. But people allow such poisoning to happen; they are not faultless. I find it particularly hard to resist the idea of ethnic cleansing as being a viable option of the Israelis against these Palestinians, yet resist it I do, because it is just such a feeling that has helped form the poisoned Palestinians mindset against the Israelis.

It is extremely difficult to see people accepting these lies. In my own country, this inversion of truth has taken root very deeply. Over the past decades, spokesmen for our governments have denounced various actions that the Israelis have undertaken in their own defense. Committees and civil rights groups speak of Jewish apartheid and of boycotts. The solution it very simple, and it will occur the same day that the public stops seeing right as wrong and wrong as right in the Middle East. When Israel is no longer branded as a rogue state and the Palestinian empire is seen for what it truly is, a terror empire, then clearer actions and support from the public outside of Israel will have better breathing space to operate. Thugs are thugs and survivors are survivors and never that twain shall meet except that they go to war, or at least jihad. When a Palestinian president stands up in front of the world’s cameras after his thugs lob missiles and unfriendly fire at Israeli defenders and claims the defensive action that results from it is a “crime against humanity”, you have to seriously wonder if he considers the Israelis to be part of that same humanity. Obviously, the Palestinian leadership does not, if anyone cares enough to go and look at the hatred and incitement to murder that they are still publishing to the world.

In the same holy text that is claimed by the Jew, the Christian and the Muslim, the same Biblical promise has been made to all, and the promise is that the Jews will indeed have their homeland, that it will be where it now exists, and that no power in the universe will eradicate it. Man has many words, but only God has the final word, and it is made for eternal posterity. God, not Allah, has prophesized this very situation, and He has promised to sustain the people of Israel through the worst that a propagandist world can throw at them, and that’s a promise that will be kept.


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